PT. Karunia Baja Persada (KBP)


Welcome to PT. The Gift of Steel Persada (KBP). For approximately 5 years, we have become the leading low-cost guardrail seller in its class. We sell cheap guardrail to all fields of business that use guardrail, such as to road contractors and others. We sell cheap guardrail that is easy to install and strong for steel protectors and steel fences that last a lifetime. Guardrail is widely used for road safety and is mounted on the side of the road especially on curves and slopes to prevent vehicles from getting off the road. PT. Karunia Baja Persada (KBP) specializes in selling cheap guardrails, we provide various applications and types of guardrails such as guardrail w-beam and thrie-beam.

Selling cheap guardrail with the type include:

- W-beam
- Curved
- Bolt-on
- Drop-in

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